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Midnight Whispers
Queer as Folk fan fiction - Brian and Justin - Mobile Friendly!
Penname: soul1essharpy [Contact]
Real name: Tammy
Status: Member
Member Since: October 11, 2011

With open arms, reviews are welcomed, greatly appreciated and promptly answered!! (even if in the form of constructive criticism)

I'm 31, married, and a proud bi-sexual. I lack the social filter that tells you not to say certain things, speaking my mind with no reservations. I write for me, though mostly just to sate those sadistic plot bunnies that mercilessly hop through my brain at the most inopportune times. If you don't like what I write after you've read it, that is your opinion which you are more than entitled to.

~*Britin*~*Brian & Justin*~ I'm still a massive fan of Queer As Folk. QAF's Gale and Randy are ridiculously talented actors, and are both unbelievably sexy and charismatic. I fell in love with their whole vortex of drama/angst/romance. Their on-again/off-again/on-again 'non-defined, unconventional, whateverthefuckitis' non-relationship giving people like me endless fic prompts.

~*Janto*~*Jack & Ianto*~ I'm also hopelessly in love with Torchwood! Tw's John and Gareth are both amazingly talented actors AND musicians ... not to mention sexy as hell! Together they are amazing and one of the greatest male couplings on television, IMHO. Ianto always will be my all-time favourite Torchwood character, (sorry Jack) his death being the biggest reason for almost all "fix-it" wishes.

~ Sons' Chibs and Juice (or Chibbie and Juicy)~ Hey, even big, bad bikers need a little man-love now and then! LOL. I have recently found a nice little niche for  people who share my love of Sons' slash elsewhere and can be found through my LJ link. (not sure anyone here would be interested as it's a very small following, but you never know)


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